The People's Platform

8 changes the game for brands
and their advocates.

With $16 Million invested in proprietary technology and a team of leading tech and marketing executives and proven entrepreneurs—8 has established a market tested and validated platform to reconnect brands and consumers, rewarding both.

People are your most powerful
media channel.

Take your media budget further.

Engage with 600M micro-targeted social profiles across 40k consumer segments with measurable results.

Take control of your data.

We deliver sophisticated dashboards detailing impressions, engagement, clicks & opt-in consumer data.

Honor your consumers.

We identify and reward consumers who will become the greatest advocates of your brand.


8 enables you to invest directly & at scale with people who love your brand. Take back the power to develop and own your data and consumer relationships.


Through 8, brands can find the people who are ready to become true advocates for your brand.
Consumers willingly share personal data which enables us to serve them personalized, relevant brand sponsorships.


How it works.

We build relationships with untapped advocates and consumers who love your brand.

We micro-target your untapped advocates and potential customers with all size followings (from 30 to 30 million).


Through 8, you sponsor people directly to create or share your brand story. Our system automatically adds hashtags, links and discount codes if you would like to direct their followers back to purchase.


We track everything across all channels (impressions, engagements, clicks) and report it back to you and the individual who is advocating for your brand.


We give you access to a sophisticated dashboard detailing your most critical consumer data, including 'opted-in' emails, so you can own the relationship & sponsor them again through 8.

Find your advocates today.